4 Genius Ways To Take Care Of Your Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are perfect for people who are looking for durability along with beauty. Laminate flooring is being popular these days and they are recommended by almost every home designer. The reason for that is that they look like a regular flooring, but they come with a protective coating which doesn’t let your floor to be damaged. As with every other flooring, laminate floorings also require constant cleaning and care to prevent them from getting scratched or damaged. Regular cleaning is obviously important but there are some other techniques to take care of those beautiful laminate flooring. Here are a few of them.

  1. Wipe the Spills Immediately

Water or any liquid on your laminate flooring is a call for disaster. Any spills that may occur must be treated immediately. Liquids can stain and damage the lamination if they are left for long periods of time. You need to soak up the liquid completely with a dry piece of cloth. To avoid such thrills of spills, you can take precautionary steps like placing mats under potential spill areas such as pet’s water bowl or baby’s high chair or near the water dispenser.

  1. No Typical Wet Mop Cleaning

Wet mops or steam cleaning are two of the worse things you can do to your laminate flooring. The lamination on the flooring is not very strong and it can get damaged easily by the use of strong detergents and polishers. Use a dry microfiber mop to remove dirt and dust. You can also use vacuum cleaners with soft flooring attachment as an alternative to dry mopping as dry mopping can take a few rounds to clean up completely. Regular cleaning habits should be maintained so that no excess amount of debris is accumulated on the floors.

  1. Using Vinegar

The use of vinegar has mixed opinions by many as it has acidic properties which are harmful to your flooring, but a small quantity mixed in hot water can do wonders. Vinegar can add shine to the flooring so it’s better to use a small amount of vinegar (about one cup) in a bucket of water and mix it thoroughly. Use your microfiber mop and squeeze out the excess water from the mop and mop away. Don’t use this method of cleaning more than once a month and only do this if dry mopping isn’t working for your flooring to avoid the damage to lamination.

  1. Removing Stains and Scuff Marks

Stains and scuff marks can damage your laminate flooring. They can be stubborn and very hard to get off. There are special techniques to get them off. For instance, using alcohol on a soft cloth to get rid of paint or oil stains. For sticky stuff like chewing gum, use ice and scraper to scrape them off. Be careful to be gentle while rubbing or scraping. Being too hard can damage laminate flooring. Make sure to use non abrasive substances to clean up. Prevent these scuff marks by taking preventive measures like using doormats and protective pads under heavy furniture.

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