5 Tips on Getting Fit for the 2020 New Year

New Year is fast approaching, and it’s the time of year when many of set ourselves challenges in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. But be honest: how many have you ever kept? We’re willing to bet that a number of you have previously set yourself the goal of getting fit for the new year, but have you evert kept to it? There are a number of reasons why you probably failed – and don’t worry, you’re not alone – so here are some tips that might help you keep to your fitness plan for 2020.

1: Be Realistic

Let’s be honest, you are likely to set your goals too high. You need to consider where you are going to find the time to get all this exercise in during the average day! Also, you need to aim at something realistic. Don’t set yourself the goal of losing absurd amounts of weight in a ludicrously short time, it’s not going to happen! You might want to run a marathon, but wouldn’t a half-marathon be a better starting point? Achievements are always more satisfactory when you actually achieve them, so aim for a point you know you can reach.

2: Take Expert Advice

You might think you know best, or your friends may have given you what you believe to be great advice, but believe us when we say there is no substitute to listening to the advice from personal training experts who are trained and experienced, and who have helped many people achieve their fitness goals. Chat to some, and take on board what they say.

3: Take It Easy

You may sit down and plan out an all-action regime with several workouts every day, but deep in your mind you know it’s going to fall apart. This is the biggest problem with drawing up a fitness plan yourself. We mentioned the experts above: have a chat with one, sign up to their programme, and follow a carefully considered plan that allows you to take things easy at first, and then get going on some more rigorous routines.

4: Remember Your Commitments

All too often people plan a fitness programme that looks perfectly good, but forget that there are other demands on their time. Family always comes first, so fit them into your schedule and involve them – you might want to encourage the kids to join in – and work commitments are what pays the bills! Make sure you’re not planning for hours that don’t exist!

5: Reward Yourself

Set a series of milestones – rather than one big goal at the end of the period – and you will find it easier to aim for each once you reach it. It can be weekly, monthly, or whatever you want, but make sure you have a reward ready for yourself (or from someone else) for each milestone you reach – this way, you’ll be encouraged!

Getting fit for the New Year can work, so follow the above tips, check out what the professionals say, and you’ll soon be on your way.

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