Afraid of Heights? These Home Exterior Maintenance Jobs are Not for You!

Many home maintenance jobs can be carried out by an avid DIY enthusiast, but if there’s one factor that many experienced DIY-ers find to be a problem, it’s those that need you to be up high. Fear of heights is nothing to be ashamed of as it is a very natural phobia that many people suffer from. Furthermore, jobs that require you to be up a ladder always carry additional risk that may not be worth your while.

Following are four necessary and sometimes urgent home maintenance jobs that require a ladder and are best left to the experts.

Cleaning the Gutters is Essential and Here’s Why

The gutters and their adjoining downpipes are an essential part of the home or other building. The roof is sloped towards the gutter so that rainwater naturally runs into the guttering. The gutter itself is sloped towards a downspout which disperses the water into the waste system.

The problem comes when your gutters are blocked with debris. This can be seen easily as they will start overflowing. However, not all the water will be emptied over the edge. Some will pool on your roof, which is a major potential problem. The water will find its way into the roof cavity and cause damp which in turn will rot wooden beams. You are talking expensive structural repairs if this should happen.

It’s recommended that you have your gutters checked regularly by a professional company with expertise, and for your information these people – – serve addresses in and around Atlanta and are competitively priced.

Roof Tiles Need Replacing When Dislodged

After a storm or high winds, it is sensible to walk around your home and check the roof tiles and shingles. These can be dislodged easily, leading to the same problem we mention above. If you see broken or missing you should get in touch with an expert local roofing company. Even without the height aspect, this is a specialist job that needs doing as soon as is possible.

Call the Professionals for Upper Floor Painting

Your upstairs windows and woodwork will become tatty and tired over time. This is to be expected with the constant exposure to the elements. Don’t get up a ladder with a paint pot and brush as you are inviting an accident. A professional will use a harness and health and safety equipment and will also provide you with better results than a DIY attempt.

Let the Experts Cap Your Chimneys

Our final point is about chimneys. If you have birds that nest on or in your chimneys you need to have cowls attached that keep the birds out and allows the chimney to do its job. This is clearly one for the professionals as it’s often a long way up, so don’t attempt it yourself, you are risking injury or worse. There’s always a professional to get in touch with for those jobs you don’t want to tackle, so talk to local experts about any of the above necessary jobs.




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