Best Gadgets for Dads

There are some things every Dad should have in his life. Among these are a comfy chair, a TV remote control no one else is allowed to even look at and some top class gadgets. So what are the best gadgets around for Dads?

 A Smartwatch

In the old days most Dads walked about with a watch on, because they had to make sure that they didn´t miss important stuff like when the football started or the start of the local darts tournament. The rise of mobile phones has meant that watches are no longer as popular as before but new smartwatches may change all that. The likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smartwatch 2 have met with vary degrees of success. The arrival of the Apple Watch and the Swatch Touch in 2015 could be the kick-start the industry needs. Indeed, one of these could be ideal for a busy, connected Dad.

A New Games Console

Games consoles used to be for the kids but now Dad can enjoy some games without feeling bad about it. The Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U are among the best options in this market, although older generations of these consoles offer better value and still give a decent performance. If Dad hasn´t played games in a while then he will be blown away by the standard of graphics and sound these days. Current games are nothing like the chunky old efforts he used to play and a brand spanking new console could give him a cracking new hobby.

A Digital Music Device

Not everyone in the house is likely to appreciate the same music. While the youngsters enjoy the latest hits in a digital format, poor old Dad could be left trying to work out how to play his ABBA and Billy Ray Cyrus cassettes. If you are looking for a smart gift for a music loving Dad then a simple digital music device could be the best idea. For example, the Sonos Play:1 is a good looking wireless speaker that will let him listen to the best streaming services around.

A Cool Alarm Clock

He might not admit it, but Dad loves nothing more than getting woken up early for another day of work. Bearing that in mind, a fun alarm clock can make the moment when he gets roused out of his sleep even more enjoyable. There are some great models out there, including one that makes bacon, one that slashes a Star Wars light sabre about the place and one that fires off a rocket. No matter what he most likes in life you are sure to find an alarm clock that suits him. Unless what he most likes is sleeping.

A Retro Arcade Machine

We looked at some of the best modern games consoles before but what if what Dad really wants is to step back in time and play his childhood favourites again? In that case, he can relive the glory of Pac-Man, Asteroids and Frogger again with a retro arcade machine at home.

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