Professional Hair Colouring at Home with No Mess – Introducing Click & Comb

Colouring your hair always seems like a good idea! You can buy the off the shelf packs, follow the instructions, and then you face a bathroom that looks like an explosion in a paint factory! Not only that, it’s tiresome, time-consuming and not at all easy to it the traditional way, and it never turns out how you planned.

So, what’s are the alternatives? You could choose to pay the earth to have your hair professionally coloured – that’s up to you – but what if there was an affordable, effective method of colouring your hair that was easy to use, left no mess, and that colours your hair as you want in very little time? There is, and it’s a new product called Click & Comb, and we think you’re going to love it!

What’s it All About?

What is Click & Comb and why is it making waves in the hair colouring market? Put simply, it’s a comb with recyclable aluminium tubes within the body. In these tubes – which are replaceable – is the hair colouring itself, mixed with a specially concocted foam including soothing elements such as coconut and jojoba oil.

You simply click the button on the back of the comb and a set amount of this mixture will be ejected onto the comb itself. Brush it in, and repeat the process again until your hair is covered! There are no messy plastic bags to cut open, there’s no mixing involved, and it’s all fully automated. Leave the colouring foam on your hair for 35 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water, and you have beautifully coloured hair – and a clean and tidy bathroom!

How Do I Buy Click & Comb?

Click & Comb is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. The device has already sold 20million units in the Asian market, and they are looking to expand into other world markets. You can choose to pledge for different packages, with further rewards as the campaign gathers pace, and you will be among the first outside Asia to try this very successful and impressive hair colouring comb system.

Check out for more information on the campaign, for prices and how to pledge, and also for the story about how Click & Comb came about. There are excellent videos on there showing you the Click & Comb hair colouring device in action, and also details of the cost of refills and discount deals for Kickstarter pledges.

Choice of Colours

Currently, the Click & Comb hair colour system is available for a selection of colours – including a range of brown shades, plus natural black, as well as a glorious wine red colour and a simply stunning burgundy – and each package will be enough for three full short applications, so you are guaranteed value for money!

The world has been waiting for a mess-free, affordable and easy to use hair colour application system, and we believe this is it: check out Click & Comb, make your pledge, and take advantage of cost savings and other deals – and have beautiful hair in no time at all.


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