Skin Care Tips when traveling from The Nikola

Nikola Sekulovic also known as ‘The Nikola’ is a modern-day jack-of-all-trades. To the eye, he is known for being an activist, style icon, influencer, and international supermodel.

The Nikola is the influencer with the best skin! Flawless face is his trademark. I remember meeting him in person and thinking to myself “how is it possible that he looks photoshopped in a real life”.
The Nikola did pop up collaboration with Silk Skin USA. his 24k Face Mask was sold out with in hours.
We reached out to The Nikola and asked him how is he nurturing his skin while traveling.

The Nikola is currently in Croatia. He is based in West Hollywood, California and we all know that’s a long flight (15 to 20 hours).


1. Keep things as similar to your usual routine as possible.

-In general, trying to keep up as much of your skin-care routine as possible is ideal. If what you’re doing is working, why change if you don’t have to? And for those who are trying to manage skin conditions while traveling, keeping your routine consistent is especially key.

2. If you can only bring a few things, focus on the true essentials.

-If you need or prefer to pack lighter, just stick with the essentials. “If [you’re] traveling somewhere which necessitates light packing, I consider the essentials to be: Sunscreen with at least SPF 30, refreshing face mask (helps with Jet Leg), facial cleanser, and nighttime moisturizer,” you can skip out on your toners and serums for the time being if you need to.

3. If your favorites don’t come in travel sizes, get creative.

There are a ton of excellent skin-care products that come in travel-friendly sizes these days. But if your go-tos aren’t available in minis, there are some other things you can do. I usually get travel boxes and pack enough for my trip! (You can find them online or in any target or cvs).

4. Think ahead about the dry plane ride.
-Long plane rides can dehydrate the skin, I always use night time thick cream.
You might also find it helpful and refreshing to use hydrating sheet masks, under-eye masks, or facial mists while in flight.

5. Drink a lot of water and sleep!
-Dry skin is a major indication that your body is dehydrated. The best way to tackle dry skin is to drink water proactively, it’s easy to get distracted when traveling and forget to drink water. Set up reminders on your phone!
Sleeping is hard when traveling but please, allow yourself time to rest!

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