Taking Male Grooming to Another Level – Mr Red Fox of London

Male grooming is a growing market, and 21st century modern man is always looking for new brands that will enhance his standing in society. That’s why we want to talk about Mr Red Fox of London, an exciting new lifestyle and male grooming brand that taps into the digital age, and leads the way in innovation in men’s products. With one eye on the heritage associated with the classic British gentleman, and a string understand of the here and now, Mr Red Fox of London is not just a brand, it’s a new approach to giving men what they want in their grooming routine.

The founder Damian Alexander-Du’bel – en ex-professional footballer who also has experience in working with top fashion brands – saw a niche in the market and founded the first of a group of companies that now make up Du’bel Holdings,   which includes his own fashion brand – Alexander Du’bel – as well as the burgeoning Mr Red Fox of London among others, and it is this brand we are most excited about.

Style and Innovation

With his experience in the world of fashion, as well as an understanding of the products that young professional men of his generation are looking for, Damian has been able to imbue Mr Red Fox of London with a sense of originality and style that is at once traditional and also appeals to today’s modern man. The entire range of products is created and made in England, to the highest standards, and sets a new level of commitment to quality and variety in male grooming.

The modern man about town will appreciate the superbly crafted and presented range of hair products, including shampoo and conditioner made from the very finest ingredients, while no man can be without his beard oil in an era when beards are very much in vogue, and a visit to @mrredfoxoflondon will give you more insight into the careful and considered way this range of products has been put together.

Worldwide Appeal

Quintessentially English, yet designed to have worldwide appeal for men of 21-years and above, the Mr Red Fox of London brand aims to bring male grooming into the limelight, by encouraging users to engage in the digital world of conversation and gain the confidence to be the one to lead the way – to be the one to embrace Mr Red Fox of London, and show others how this elegantly crafted range of products shouts of sophistication, class and a desire to look and feel good – just as a gentleman should.

There is a passion that shines through every aspect of the Mr Red Fox of London brand, as is the case with the other brands in the Du-bel Holdings group, and with a desire to provide only the highest quality products, we recommend that you check out this exciting, innovative and ground-breaking brand now, and be the one who leads the way when it comes to the new world of male grooming.

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