The Best Dry Herb Vaporisers

Vaping has become the choice for many people who formerly smoked cigarettes, and with good reason. It’s healthier – not just to the individual vaping but to those around – and there are many options as to what you want to vape.

Many users choose to vape using any of the many specially created oils on the market. However, there is another form of vaporiser – one that is becoming increasingly popular: the dry herb vaporiser. 

What is a dry herb vaporiser, and why should you be looking at buying one? Let’s have a closer look at these clever and effective devices.

Why a Dry Herb Vaporiser?

There are many benefits to ‘smoking’ using a dry herb vaporiser, and they cover both the enjoyment of the experience, and the health side of things. When you smoke a cigarette in the traditional way, you inhale not only the flavours from the tobacco but – thanks to the fact you are burning it – also a variety of harmful substances that come via the smoke.

With a dry herb vaporiser there is no smoke, and no burning. The advantage here is that you get the full effect of the flavours and the tobacco – or whatever herb or substance you are vaping – but without the harmful effects to you and others around you.

Furthermore, the purity of the flavour is much-enhanced due to it not being tarnished by the smoke and other substances in a cigarette, so you get a much better sense of flavour and enjoyment. 

Which to Buy?

One further plus is that these devices are surprisingly compact. You can carry your vaporiser around with you and it will not take up any space. They are also simple and easy to use. Basically, you have a cavity in which you place the herb, a battery that provides the charge, and an element that heats up to a temperature where it vaporises the herb. You’ll find most can be charged by USB, so they are also convenient.

We recommend this review of the best dry herb vaporisers as your starting point, and from here you can make a viable shortlist of those you might want to buy. The review covers all the best models on the market right now, and offers some very sensible advice on buying a dry herb vaporiser. 

Further Tips

We thought we’d try and help by offering you a few tips on choosing the right vaporiser:

  • Be prepared to spend between £30 to £50 at least for a good model, cheaper will not be cost-effective
  • Make sure it has a decent battery life
  • Look for the best sellers, they are popular for a reason
  • Make sure it has good herb capacity
  • Very small is not always the best, so be careful if choosing by size

The dry herb vaporiser really is the way to go if you want to enjoy your smoking but do it in the most healthy and safe way, so check them out now and see which one is for you.

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