The Best Way to Get a Straight Beard

Some beards grow straight, others curl, but do you know why? And how do you get your curly beard to be straight? It’s a dilemma that men have and it’s one that does need some serious attention! First, let’s look at why some beards grow curly and others don’t.

The state of your beard depends upon the hair follicles – the roots if you like – as they differ from person to person. Put simply, symmetrical follicles mean your beard will grow straight, otherwise you will end up with a thick and curly beard.

There are other reasons why a beard may curl. Washing with powerful shampoo – and too often – can remove the natural oils that keep the hair healthy, just as it can the hair on your head. Don’t what your beard daily, but use beard oil, and you should be OK.

So, you have a curly beard, but you want a straight one: what can you do?

Why You Need Beard Straighteners

The bear straightener is a very useful item to have in your male grooming kit, and it’s a very simple one to use, too. There are many examples on the market from known name brands, too, so you can buy with confidence and the promise of a guarantee.

Finding the best beard straighteners for your requirements is about researching the market, and there are other products you can use in conjunction to keep your beard in good trim. The health of your hair is just as important when it comes to facial hair as it is on the head!

Bear in mind that you may not need an actual beard straightener, especially if you use the likes of specialist beard shampoo – a couple of times a week – and a conditioner. You could choose to use a beard comb or brush if your particular beard is not too strongly curled, and with appropriate beard oil, this may do the trick.

However, for seriously curly beards, straighteners may be needed. Beard straighteners work by applying heat – they are, in effect, curling tongs designed for use on beards – and as you will know, too much heat will dry out the hair, as mentioned above. By using a straightener once every now and then you can avoid any damage by dehydration, and have a lovely straight beard that looks the part.

Straight or Curly?

Of course, you may like your curly beard, in which case we suggest you simply keep in condition with the products mentioned, and comb it every now and then to keep it clean and healthy. Many men do enjoy their beards natural, and it can be a very impressive way of wearing a beard.

For a straight beard there is undoubtedly more maintenance involved, yet it is also an attractive adornment. If you follow our advice on washing, conditioning and applying oil you will nurture a healthy beard whether straight or curly, so check out the range of beard products now for the very best beard around.

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