Things to Consider Packing for Your Next Camping Trip

With summer on the horizon, you may already be thinking about how you are going to spend all those long and warmer days. Perhaps you plan on taking a few trips into the countryside to go camping. If it’s your first time, you may be curious as to how you could avoid some of the downsides of sleeping out under the stars in just a tent with just the basics and essentials to get by on. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to look at some great tips and accessories you can invest in to enhance the camping experience.

Take the Right Foot Wear

You may plan on just wearing a pair of shoes or trainers. However, if you’re going somewhere where there’s lots of hills, bogs and mud, you’ll need more than a good pair of trainers. Fortunately, there is footwear out there designed for handling the varying surfaces and weather conditions you may face while on a camping trip. We’d recommend investing in a great pair of boots. There’s a lot of different boots out there though. So many that you could find it a little overwhelming. In order to help you find the right pair of boots though, you will find some of the best hiking boots here.

Camping Stove and Kettle

What could be better than waking up bright and early in the morning in the middle of nowhere and having a cup of coffee or tea before starting your day? We really don’t think there is much. In order to enjoy a good old cuppa, and some breakfast, you should invest in a camping stove and kettle. That way you can boil up some water and make some food.

Sleeping Pads and Pillows

Sleeping under the stars in a tent can be incredibly magical. There is no denying that. However, as well as magical, it is also very uncomfortable. That is if you don’t have something to lie on other than a thin groundsheet and maybe even a sleeping bag. Inflatable sleeping pads and pillows are a great investment therefore, as they help to lift you, even just slightly, off the harsh and unforgiving ground.

Waterproof Jacket

Even if it’s forecasted to be great weather for all the time you are out there in the countryside, it is wise to pack some waterproof clothing, just in case the conditions worsen. If you’re not keen on packing too many clothes and other items into your backpack or car, you should at the very least ensure that you have waterproof coat or jacket. This could make all the difference between your holiday being comfortable, enjoyable and fun; and being a total washout.

Adequate Food and Drink

We’ve already noted that you should invest in a stove and kettle. However, you will obviously need more than that to survive on. Unless of course you plan on fishing and hunting, you will need to bring with you enough food and drink for the entirety of your trip. We’d say even if you were going to fish and hunt, just in case you don’t catch as much as you think you will, you should bring with you enough food and drink.

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