Tips for Incorporating Exercise and Workouts with Gardening

Are you a guy that take as much pride in his body as he does in his garden? You may not have realised it, but gardening can provide you with a badass workout. Although it’s normally associated with unwinding and relaxing, there are plenty of tasks that can be adapted to provide you with routine that includes cardio and muscle-building and toning. Just like that workout you love at the gym; you need the right equipment. For the tasks below you may need to invest in essential gardening tools, if you don’t already have them.

Use that Lawnmower

Now, we know how tempting it is to sit yourself down on that nice comfortable seat and use that ride-on lawnmower. But, if you are serious about using gardening as an additional workout, you need to avoid corner cutting. So, when you need to cut the grass, use a walkalong lawnmower. It takes a lot of effort to push them around, giving you a great cardio workout.

Rake Up the Mess

Following on nicely from mowing the lawn, you can clear up all the grass cuttings with your rake to yourself an upper body workout. It’s thought that you can burn as much as 300-calories from an hour of raking up all those piles of grass cuttings, stray leaves and other debris. Oh, and your garden will look cracking in the process!

Build Something with Wood

The work of a carpenter is hard and is another great way therefore to give yourself a workout. Why not consider building a garden box or greenhouse. Just as you’ll need the right tools for gardening, you also need some essential tools for carrying out even the simplest of DIY projects.

Weed (and Squat)

That may be the first time you’ve ever read those words in the same sentence or phrase. But, trust us. Rather than kneeling on a special mat or sitting on a chair while you weed, you can give yourself a great leg workout while you weed. Each time you reach down to remove a weed, perform a squat and hold the position until you really start to feel it.


Digging, as you’d probably expect, is a very good exercise for not just your arms, but also your core, shoulders, back and even leg muscles. It also works well as cardio and you’ll be using those lungs a lot within a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s digging over soil or creating borders around your garden, digging is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into the gardening work you need to do as a necessity.

Clearing Rubbish

At the end of the day you can do a little muscle building and resistance work by clearing all the rubbish to tidy up and really show off the fruits of your labour. A heavy wheelbarrow provides a great workout for everything from your back to your shoulders, down to your arms, forearms and core. Not only will you have a pristine garden, but you’ll also be contributing to a pristinely toned and muscular body.

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