Top 3 Career Choices for the “Modern Man”

There are no exact and perfect careers for men in the 21st century. Neither are there careers that are exclusively for men (besides one made for them such as male models). What needs to be looked at are careers that are either helpful for men to provide for the family alongside their spouses or ones that allow men to spend more time with their family. As you can see it is all centred around the family criteria.

Software Development

Software development is probably one of the only careers that are able to cover both of the criteria. They are extremely well-paying and are also able to do remotely, or during small working hours. Furthermore, the skill itself provides professionals with the resources needed to create their own companies in the future.

Most programmers, if they’re married or live together with their Significant Other, have shown to be a lot happier. Software Development revolves around solving problems and building things from scratch, which sooner or later leaves a good pattern in men’s minds. Helping them support relationships and remain happy. The extra pay and short working hours help them be there for their family as well as provide significant resources.


Finance can be broken down into multiple segments, but overall it is a great career that a man can pursue. Let’s dive into cliches for a bit and imagine a man working in finance. In most cases, you’d find him in a suit with a briefcase working in a high-rise building. Something similar to the Wolf of Wallstreet. Thanks to his high pay and classy attire, he’s able to appear successful and happy.

Let’s now exit that cliche and look at facts. According to TopForexBrokers facebook page, men who work in finance are far more likely to have a financially stable life with their families. The reasons are quite simple. Once you’ve worked in finance, you understand it and therefore are able to manage it better. Financial management helps provide for the family while having the potential to retire early and spend a lot more time with the kids and wife.


Medicine may be out of most people’s reach as the learning practice is “supposed” to start at an early age, but it is never too late. Doctors and Surgeons do indeed have extremely rigorous working hours, often having to spend their whole day at work, but the compensation and the value that they get from their professions is able to trump that completely.

Doctors are proven to be one of the best-compensated professionals in the world. They are able to save lives and most importantly are able to take care of their family. Health is extremely important in the family, especially when there are children involved. Being able to apply medical treatment to your family without delay is a skill nearly every man should have. But identifying any diseases is a way to save lives.

This profession only falls short when it comes to spending time with the family.

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