What are some good reasons for getting regular massages?

Massage Therapy had been gaining popularity over the recent years. If you’re not yet a fan of this alternative treatment, you may wonder why. Well, aside from this is one of the most relaxing way to get rid of stress, there are a lot more health benefits a good massage can offer. Get to know some of them below.

1. It helps reduce stress and symptoms of depression.

Stressors are everywhere. From our homes to our offices, stress seems to be part of our daily routine. And if you’re not aware yet, neglecting stress can actually lead to more serious health conditions. But the good news is, a regular massage can help you feel calm and relaxed, significantly reducing your stress levels.

In addition, regular massage session can also help reduce symptoms of depression. It’s never a secret that too much stress plus other factors can lead to depression if not properly addressed. And although depression requires a long-term treatment that involves several health care providers, massage therapy can play a significant role in helping patients manage their pain and other related symptoms. The calming sensation that a massage can give is beneficial to the patient’s overall recovery and well-being.

2. It can relieve pains in your lower back and other areas of the body.

If you’re spending most of your time sitting and working on your computer, then you most probably suffer from lower back pain as prolonged sitting is the most common causes of this kind of pain. People who suffer from severe pain, actually tend to miss work or worst, fall into disability. Fortunately, you don’t have to endure this pain for too long as massage therapy is an effective way to decrease pain in your lower back thus reducing the risk of disability associated with it. For those experiencing difficulty sleeping due to pain or injury, a massage can massively improve your sleep quality.

Aside from lower back pains, most clients also seek relief for pains in the neck, shoulders, knee, hip joints and other areas of the body. Whatever the cause may be, licensed and professional massage therapists can help ease the pain. Though, it is important to seek for medical advice if you are unsure what’s the root cause of the pain.

3. It increases flexibility.

For physically active individuals like athletes or those who follow simple workout programs, massage therapy is truly beneficial. As a matter of fact, there is a specific type of massage designed with these individuals in mind, which is known as sports massage. This type of massage can help reduce muscle tension, condition highly-active muscles, and ultimately increase flexibility, which is crucial for athletes.

4. It can ease tension headaches.

Too much stress can lead to tension headaches. As mentioned above, massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress, therefore it can ease or prevent tension headaches from even occurring.

Muscle tightness in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw can also cause this type of headache. Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension through professional strokes and pressure, as well as reduce muscle tightness thus alleviating related pains such as tension headaches.

5. Boosts immunity and improve one’s overall health and well-being

Reducing stress level is one way to fight off diseases. But regular massage can also help boost one’s immunity by increasing white blood cells. These cells are our bodies natural shield against viruses. By increasing these type of cells our body is increasing its ability to prevent sickness from even occurring. Better immunity means less sickness as well as better overall health and well-being.

Ready to give yourself a break and book your well-deserved massage? It’s time to visit your favorite day spa!

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