What does your car say about you?

Some use cars as just a means of transportation, while others use it as a status symbol or as a way to imply their wealth. There are quite a lot of brands in the world right now, so we can’t really cover all of them, can we? In order to cover a larger demographic of men, let’s take into account the top 5 brands of cars that you’re most likely to see on the streets of your hometown. What do they say about you as a man? Are they an asset or a liability?


Mercedes is a paragon of German engineering. The price is not too high, nor is it too low. It is generally accessible for most of the world’s population. Maybe that’s what made it so popular. In the past, every Mercedes driver was considered to be a crazy lunatic with a death-wish. You could see old Mercedes’ drift around the town and generally disregard the law. Naturally, Mercedes didn’t want to be associated with this type of mentality, therefore they needed to do something about their brand recognition and the way people viewed them. However, they couldn’t afford to lose the already existing market and brand fans, therefore the speed aspect of the car could not be touched. They opted for a change in the design, which speaks completely different volumes today.

According to ForexNewsNow’s Facebook page a black E-Class Mercedes, which has been newly washed, screams businessman. In fact, most escort cars and private drivers utilize Mercedes as their primary vehicle. Unfortunately, the colour variety is extremely limited. Black is the stable colour you’ll need to use in order to be perceived as this successful businessman, or a serious person.


Speed is the best way to describe the BMW. If you are at the wheel of a BMW, no matter which model, which year or which colour your BMW is, you’ll be perceived as somebody who loves speeding, breaking the law, and overall enjoying risk that comes with this car.

It’s not an American Muscle car, it’s still considered as an elegant type of speeding if there is an expression like that.

But no matter what you do, this car will only attract the most adventurous and brave passengers. Impressing somebody with this car is a real 50/50 chance. It’s all about character. You can’t please everyone with speed, but you will always be associated with it.


If you’re driving a Porsche, you’re most likely to be seen as someone with money but very little imagination. I’m not trying to insult anybody, I’m just stating the facts. In this day and age, with so many different “luxury” brands, with innovative designs, Porsche is starting to become a paragon of a bygone age. Back in the beginning of the 2000s, it was considered as THE luxury car. But now, if you’re seen driving it, you’ll most likely be considered as either a fan of antiques or just as a person with not a creative imagination.


Believe it or not, driving a Tesla is not associated with vast amounts of wealth or concern for the environment.

In most cases, you’d see people thinking of you as young and may be employed in a tech company somewhere nearby. Tesla’s are usually seen in the US nowadays, especially in California, so you probably understand where this cliche started. A bunch of well-off silicon valley millennials got their hands on Teslas. Coincidentally, those silicon valley employees are both young and have a tech-related job.

So if you’re driving a Tesla, don’t be surprised when people expect you to fix their computer or explain some math equation.


If you’re driving a Toyota, I first commend you on your financial capabilities. This Japanese brand is considered as one of the best budget cars in the world with Nissan and Mitsubishi ranking close by.

But don’t expect any “Wow” reactions on your car. People driving Toyotas are usually considered as calm, law-abiding, budget oriented people. Unless you’re driving a Supra, don’t expect people to stop next to you and rumble their engines as a challenge. Because they won’t be seeing you as that type of person.

Some other notable mentions.

  • Honda – Honda drivers are seen as being slightly older and looking for reliability.
  • Mini – Mini drivers are thought of as being young and cool
  • Ford – working class hard working people.

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