What It’s Like Buying a Custom Suit

Whether you must wear one daily for work, regularly for smart functions or just for those occasions
when you get an invite to formal meal or event, it’s likely you have at least one suit. Normally,
buying a suit, the traditional way, involves heading to your favourite store or looking online and
finding one that is the right size and style you are looking for.

This means your choice depends on what’s available and while you may be able to find the colour,
size and style you want most of the time, there are times when you will have to compromise. How
do you make sure you always get the suit you want, every time, then? You opt for a custom suit

Custom Suit, how does that Work?

Edit Suits Co., if you are based in London or within close distance to the capital, is a business you
should consider if you’re after a custom suit or two. If you are completely new to purchasing this
kind of suit, you may be wondering what happens.

What to Expect – Getting Measured

To get the ball rolling, you need to make an appointment, during which you will get fully measured
at one of the two London-based showrooms. While you are being measured up, the stylist assigned
to you will ask you a variety of questions to ascertain what you are looking for from a suit or other
formal pieces of clothing.

This means as well as determining the size of garments you need; they will also be able to whittle
down the fabric choices, they have to find the right style and look.

What Actually is Customisable?

You may wonder, how customisable are custom suits? To what degree can you decide how the suit
looks and feels? Well, with Edit Suits Co., you can make your own choices about the following:

The Lapel – They offer the choice between a shawl, peak and notch lapel in a variety of
different sizes.
The Lining – They offer the choice between quarter-lined, half-lined and fully-lined jackets.
You also have the choice of colour and pattern of the lining so that it can either contrast or
match the fabric of the suit.
The Jacket Front – The option of double-breasted or single-breasted with either one or two
buttons can all be decided upon. Along with whether the jacket front has a straight or
rounded cut.
The Pockets – Do you prefer patch, jetted or flap pockets? There is even the option to have
a more refined and formal ticket-style pocket.
The Vents – Would you prefer a jacket with one single vent or double vents?
The Monogram – You can even add customisation in the form of an embroidered monogram
featuring your initials in the colour of your choice on the interior of the jacket.
The Trousers Waistband – You can choose whether you want belt loops or side adjusters
The Trousers Pockets – Do you want vertical or slanted pockets, alongside no back pockets,
just one or maybe two?
The Trousers Hem – which style of hem would you prefer, the classic straight finish or a
turned-up style?

As you can see, you have the option to choose almost every single element. So, rather than settling
for whatever’s available, make your next suit a custom one.

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